We prefer to receive donations by bank-to-bank transfer, which allows us to receive the full value of your generous donation. Please note if you use a credit card to make a donation it may mean you incur additional charges from the card provider. 

If you would like a tax receipt for your generous donation please email

The Wellington Multiple Sclerosis Society (WMS) relies on the support of generous donors like you, as we only receive around a third of our funding from the Government each year. The rest of our funding is sourced from fundraising, donations and grants from our generous supporters.

A donation to the MS Society makes a huge difference to the life of someone with MS. All donations fund the work of our three wonderful Community Advisors who provide services and support to people with Multiple Sclerosis, their families and whanau.

Every dollar we receive makes a difference! Donations are eligible for a tax deduction so please ask for a receipt if you need one.

Donate with Internet/Electronic Banking

Our account details are:
Bank: BNZ
Name: Wellington Multiple Sclerosis Society (Inc)
Account #: 02 0560 0205899 00
Reference: Your Name

If you would like a tax receipt, please email with the account name, date and amount of your donation and we will send you a receipt for your generous donation.

Donate by Credit or Debit Card using PayPal

Donate online with a Credit Card by clicking on the DONATE button below. 

Please note that Paypal, the payment processor, takes 3% of your donation for administration using this payment method, so we prefer deposits straight to our bank account.


Donate using a QR code

An easy way to make a donation is by using the QR code below. By pointing your phone's camera at the QR code, you will be taken straight to our fundraising page on MSNZ's website.

QR code shortcut to make a donation to MS Wellington

QR code shortcut to make a donation to MS Wellington

The system can send you a tax receipt if you check that box when you make the payment.


Become A Regular Donor

Knowing we can count on a constant, regular source of income helps us budget, and it also makes giving easier for you!

Once you’ve set up an automatic payment or payroll giving, we’ll make sure you receive an annual receipt so that you can claim your tax rebate.

Read on for details on both options.

Automatic Payment

You can set up an Automatic Payment online via internet banking, or download an Automatic Payment authorisation form to take to your bank. Click HERE to download our Automatic Payment Authority for Regular Giving.

When setting up an automatic payment online please include the following information in the reference fields:
Your Last Name, and the initials ‘AP’ in the reference field.

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving allows you to make donations direct from your pay, applying the tax credit immediately. If you would like to donate directly from your pay, there are a few easy steps to follow:

  1. Check with your employer. This is a voluntary scheme on their part as well as yours and they need to agree. (Note: payroll giving is only an option for employers who file their EMS (IR347) and EDF (IR345) forms electronically.)

  2. Tell your employer that you’d like to set up a regular donation to the Wellington Multiple Sclerosis Society Inc. Let them know how much and how often and whether you’d like to receive information from us or not. If you don’t give them permission, your donation will be passed on anonymously.

  3. Your employer will then deduct the donation, calculate and apply the tax credit, complete the IRD requirements and forward your donation to the us.

  4. As your tax credit is applied immediately, receipts for donations are issued directly to your employer for them to file – you will not receive a tax receipt.

Bequests - Leaving A Gift In Your Will Is The Ultimate In Giving!

You can become one of our greatest supporters by creating a legacy that will live beyond your days and will support the important work we do enabling people with MS who live in the Greater Wellington region to live their best lives.

There are several ways you can make an impact on the lives of people with Multiple Sclerosis beyond your lifetime.  A gift in your will is a great way to do this. 

Most gifts in wills instruct that a specified amount or percentage of the estate is gifted, after major benefactors (usually friends and family) have received their share. You are able to specify whether your bequest should go towards our day-to-day work or a specific project.

Talk to us today about if you are considering supporting Wellington MS vital work by leaving a gift in your will.

A gift to support Wellington Multiple Sclerosis services

WMS provides services to those affected by MS through our Community Advisor Service.  Donations to our general fund will ensure that our free support, information and advocacy services continue for PwMS.

A gift to support a specific project

You may prefer to fund a specific project, one that already exists or one you would like to develop.  If so please contact us to discuss how we can implement your project. 

Suggested wording for your Will

Having identified that you would like to support us you could use the following wording.  We recommend that you obtain professional help writing your will.

“I bequeath the sum of …… dollars (or a …… per cent of my residuary estate) to Wellington Multiple Sclerosis Incorporated to be used for …… (general purposes / specific project)

A receipt appearing to my Trustee, to be given on behalf the Society, will be complete discharge to my Trustee, who shall not be obliged to see the application thereof.”

More information

WMS is happy to assist you with your queries either call us on 04 388 8127, email us at or if you prefer post send a note to PO Box 15024, Wellington 6243