About MS Wellington

Registered Charity No: CC10482

The Wellington Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society Inc, is one of 18 regional societies throughout New Zealand, looking after the needs of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis (PwMS) and other allied neurological diseases.

The Wellington Society is a not-for-profit organisation, devoted to supporting through our three Community Advisors, those with MS, their carers and their families.  Since a cure is still far off our principal mission is to maximise their quality of life through information and personal support and to facilitate the provision of all appropriate health and welfare services available.  Our aim is to provide a maximum knowledge, informal and confidential service.

MS Wellington Coverage

In our region (greater Wellington to South of the Otaki River, the Hutt Valley and the Wairarapa) we have 500 members. Including family members and carers this amounts to about 1200 people who need us.

Members are generally self-referred, or referred by Neurologists, GPs, District Nurses, Social and Community Advisors or by family members.